Argyle is the advisory and design division of DG3, a leading provider of compliance solutions with over 250 clients.

We are the partner of choice for corporations looking for robust, in-house service for their disclosure projects. We offer expert corporate governance engagement advice, engaging creativity and integrated communications management – from the filing and printing of your disclosures to the creation and hosting of annual meeting websites and online reports.

Our execution solutions include:

Disclosure 2.0

DISCLOSURE 2.0: Create, edit, collaborate and publish elegant disclosures from Microsoft Word®

With Disclosure 2.0, creating, editing, and publishing visually impressive SEC disclosure documents is swift and easy. You manage one document in one program—Microsoft Word®. Upload your .docx file to our powerful and secure cloud-based platform where you can output SEC-compliant HTML and a formatted PDF in minutes.

  • Manage your disclosure in Microsoft Word®
  • Publish print-ready PDFs and EDGAR files in a contemporary layout
  • View your full revision history in both MS Word® and typeset files
  • Eliminate conversion delays, data loss and authors' alterations
  • Retain control of your document, reduce risk and save time

How it works

Design your document using our "Build Your Own" approach, or request a custom design

Draft and edit your disclosure in MS Word®

Share and edit your documents with others

Edit the Word document collaboratively or on your own

Robust version control from beginning to end

Output stylized PDFs and SEC-compliant HTML directly from your Word file

Download the Disclosure 2.0 brochure

Graphics Generator

Create your own graphics with our online Graphics Generator

The last few years have brought data visualization into the world of disclosure design and communication.

DG3 has developed a secure, web-based data visualization tool which enables you to create beautiful graphics without any special software.

  • Manage your own graphic creation, design and edits
  • Integrated with DG3’s Disclosure 2.0 suite of document management tools
  • Output web and print ready files, 24/7/365
  • Store all of your graphics in a personal library for easy retreival and editing
  • Retain control of your graphics, reduce risk and save time

Communicate with confidence. Test data sets, create clear and elegant graphics in minutes to enhance your investor presentations, board books and SEC disclosure.

Step 1 - Choose Your Style

Step 2 - Input and Customize Your Data

  • Color
  • Font
  • Orientation
  • Data markers
  • Legend Location

Step 3 - Publish Your Graphic

  • Output files for simple copy / paste into your documents and presentations
  • Store your graphics in a personal library
  • Include notes to track data sets

Download the Graphics Generator brochure