Effectively applied disclosure design and graphics make your story clear. Argyle understands reader behavior and we know how to draw attention to the positive aspects of your governance and pay programs. Our expertise in disclosure design and application of graphics reduces the volume of dense text, accelerates navigation of your disclosure… and highlights the messages you want to communicate.

Information Design

Our creative work is informed by an understanding of your audience

  • Best in class design presents a clear, compelling story
  • Clear reporting structure for transparent, fulsome communication
  • An efficient balance of compliance and communication

Graphics Expertise

We go beyond aesthetics to simplify the communication of complex information

  • Clear, insightful graphics
  • Infographics to illustrate complex principles or highlight key messaging
  • JPEG output for use in other shareholder materials

Argyle's team understands the content and design of SEC reporting. Our strategic advice ensures your disclosure design is on-point with effective balance of text, graphics and other visuals.