DG3’s Argyle Advisory Director Bob Lamm Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at Corporate Secretary’s 2016 Corporate Governance Awards

New York, NY, November 30, 2016: Argyle is pleased to announce that Bob Lamm was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Corporate Governance at Corporate Secretary Magazine’s 2016 Corporate Governance Awards. Read more »

Argyle Announces Availability of Disclosure 2021, a Look at How Consistently and Effectively Companies Communicate Strategy, Performance, Board Oversight, Executive Compensation and Sustainability

New York, NY, November 28, 2016: Argyle announced today the availability of Disclosure 2021. This guide includes a benchmark that explores how consistently and effectively companies communicate across their disclosures, and how closely they meet investor expectations. Disclosure 2021 also provides Argyle recommendations, and builds on ideas presented in the 2015 publication Disclosure 2020, a report developed with the objective of helping companies gain a better understanding of how their shareholder communications might be improved in both content and communication. Read more »

Argyle Advisory Director, Jennifer Cooney, to speak on SCS Panel

Jennifer Cooney will be participating in a "mock proxy battle" panel discussing all aspects of a proxy fight from setup of an internal playbook to investor outreach. Read more »

The User-Friendly Proxy Statement

Attention, public companies: While your proxy statement is likely your most read disclosure document, its readership is spotty. Your retail owners and employees likely focus on some of the compensation information, but little else. And many institutional owners — the ones who can determine the outcomes of your voting matters — readily admit that they spend little or no time reading it, in many cases relying on the voting recommendations of proxy advisory firms. Read more »

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